We very much value the comments and feed back that we get from people who have attended one of our “Bird of Prey Experiences” or have watched one of our displays around the UK.  Here is a selection of some of the recent comments that we have received:

Tina.  Apologies are quite unnecessary and I think it is us who should be saying sorry to Charlotte if we were inadvertently a little brusque when we found her – we were simply a bit frustrated when we couldn’t initially find her.  Anyway this was all instantly forgotten and we had a truly fantastic time with all ten of us enjoying it enormously; and the day was made by Charlotte’s enthusiasm, obvious love of birds of prey and, of course, deep knowledge.  The day gave fantastic opportunities for photography (and I notice several of our party have already changed their profile picture on WhatsApp to include a picture holding a bird!);  and we had preceded the session with a very relaxed and tasty late breakfast at The Three Lakes restaurant. I think we would all unhesitatingly recommend the day and please do let me know if you’d like an endorsement for your website or other review.
Thanks again Giles

Charlotte.   Just a quick note to thank you on behalf of all the Hoddesdon Rotarians and their ladies for a splendid adventure today. Your passion for the birds and the huge amount of info at your fingertips meant a lot to us and I have already had some very positive feedback.  You are a lucky lady to be involved with a business based on something so close to your heart and we all enjoyed sharing a little bit of it today.
Kind regards John

  Today we had a fantastic visit by CJ’s Birds of Prey. We met some fantastic birds – falcons, hawks and owls and were given some fascinating facts. Did you realise that most owls in the world are active during daytime? Did you know that the colour of an owl’s eye tells you whether it is a night or day feeder or whether it flies just at dusk and dawn? We were also given a demonstration of some of the birds flying and some lucky people were given the opportunity of having a bird of prey land on their gauntleted arm. Very many thanks to CJ’s Birds of Prey for giving us such an interesting day.
Lockers Park  (www.lockerspark.herts.sch.uk)

  My husband and I had the most fabulous ‘Owl Experience’ at Orton Hall yesterday. John and Chris were a seamless team. Lots of info, contact with the birds and amazing photo opps. Our group got on really well which was a real plus point as well! Thank you so much! 

  Just to thank Charlotte for a very informative 2 hours today and for her great knowledge of her birds. We drove down from Kettering (140 mile round trip) hoping the weather would hold and it did, despite the weather forecast.  All the best for the future; hope to see you all at a Country Fair.
Thanks, Del and Jan Boyer.

♥  A great experience this morning at Westmill Farm despite the misty weather. Charlotte’s passion and empathy for the birds is so evident and to be admired. We’ve discovered the wonder of these and other birds rather later in life but enthusiasm will not wane with age because of this enthusiastic encouragement. So, once again thank you for this morning.
Di & Rob Navara, Sue & Charlie Dunsford.

♥  Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the experience we went to on Saturday – it was fascinating and really informative! Charlotte is an absolutely fantastic host and very welcoming. Highly recommended!
Kind regards, Kelsey Arif

♥  Thank you so much…it was a great afternoon out in a lovely location. Very informative and a chance to be up close and personal with some magnificent birds of prey…much loved by their handler Charlotte who was very engaging. Please pass on our Thanks :))
Yve & Matt.

♥  I wanted to thank you for our day with you and the beautiful birds. My Dad said it’s his best birthday present ever and both my daughter and I both had a great day too. You have an impressive set up and was great to see some of the things you do and hope to see you at a show sometime in the future. Keep up the great work and best wishes from the Morgan family!
Steve Morgan

♥  Thank you for a fantastic afternoon at Westmill Farm today. Our son Connor said it was one of the best experiences of his life. He is busy going through the hundreds of photos he took. He was especially pleased that we took the extra hour and was able to see a kestrel up so close. A very informative and special present for Martin.
Regards, The Hickmans

♥  Hi! We have just completed the Bird of Prey experience and I thought I would email to say it was fantastic! So interesting to learn about the birds and be up close with them, the gentleman conducting the session was brilliant.
Kerry Beauchamp

♥  Hi, I just want to thank you all for a really interesting and enjoyable day yesterday. It was a real privilege to get up close and personal with so many of your beautiful birds and to be able to fly them too. We wish you every success in the future, and you can be sure that we’ll be telling our friends about you!
Thank you again, Liz

♥  Firstly we want to say a huge thank you for helping us with our special day and for the amazing experience with the birds. The following is our story. We have also attached a few pictures for you.

Our Story  We have been together 5 years and we went to Westmill Farm to celebrate our anniversary. We have a tradition that each year we take it in turns to plan a surprise anniversary weekend. This year was my (Emma) turn to plan. I chose to go camping to save money but as we are also very outdoorsy people I thought it be a nice idea. Along with the camping I decided I wanted to do falconry as our surprise weekend activity. I chose this as we both love birds and also have a saying ‘if you’re a bird I’m a bird’ meaning we are meant for each other. I chose CJ’s Birds of Prey as it’s a family run business and they demonstrated great knowledge and genuine care for the birds which is very important to us, as we are very family orientated people. I planned the whole weekend without Adam knowing anything. We arrived at Westmill Farm on the Friday evening and set up our tent. On the Saturday afternoon, Adam discovered that falconry was one of the activities carried out on the grounds, this played a huge part in how the weekend was to unfold. What I (Emma) didn’t know was that Adam had planned to propose over dinner on valentines night but once he found out what we were doing he changed his mind. Bearing in mind he only found out about 4pm Saturday he managed to pull off a beautiful romantic proposal. On Saturday before getting ready we were talking about the falconry experience and CJ’s as a company and we were looking at their website, which Adam must have made a note of. When getting ready for the meal Adam phoned John and explained the story and asked him if it was possible to incorporate the proposal within the experience. John and Charlotte were happy to oblige and arranged with Adam to secretly take the ring in the morning when we met and told Adam to ensure that I went first in the queue. We had an incredible experience with kestrels, hawks, buzzards and the last bird of the flying session “Saki” the Brown Asian Wood Owl flew to my wrist like all the others but with a red ribbon attached to her foot and I pulled the ribbon and there was the ring and Adam asked me to marry him. I was so in shock I cried and I couldn’t stop shaking. An amazing experience turned into an unforgettable one thanks to Adam and of course John and Charlotte for allowing Adam to propose in the way he did. We can’t thank John and Charlotte enough. We would recommend them any day. They have great knowledge and understanding of the birds and have put in a lot of hard work and effort into training them. We have since spoken, with the wedding in mind, about the possibility of a falconry show at the wedding.
Thank you, Emma and Adam.









♥  Dear John and Charlotte. I just wanted to thank you very much for your quite excellent displays in the main ring at the Scottish Game Fair, it was a really lovely ‘double act’. You were most informative and many came to my commentary henhouse to say how much they had enjoyed it and where was the Falconry Mews to come and speak to you; I understand that the Mews area was also a huge success.  Again thank you very much indeed for being with us and I very much hope that you can come back next year.
Kind regards John Morison (Scottish Game Fair).

♥  Dear Charlotte & John. I thought I would put down in writing just how enjoyable our day with you and your birds was; in spite of the constant rain! You made us feel so relaxed and welcome, talked so engagingly about your experiences with birds, your history and your in depth knowledge that I felt both inspired and a little awed. Our relationship with the animal world is always more complex than we care to think and you raised many really interesting issues about care, legislation and protection. The birds are a joy to watch, experience and find out about flying them exhilarating and felt their power humbling. Last but not least thank you for a wonderful lunch with a dash of Spain and thank heavens I never got to see the ferrets ….all 27 of them; I love ferrets. I am planning to do one of your courses as I think this may open up a whole new world of knowledge and pleasure.
Best regards, Mabelle & Steve.

♥  Hi John, I hope you and Charlotte are well and busy on the summer show circuit! Thank you for your fantastic flying displays and static display you put on for the country fair – we had many people come and say how impressed they were. We had a cracking day with over 3,500 people through the gates, and made a massive £7,000 profit for our charity! I would like to book you again for next year please and look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes – Karen (North Norfolk Country Fair).

♥  Hi. I just want to thank Charlotte for our fantastic experience today. It was well worth the 3½ hour journey home to North Yorkshire. My son Callum really enjoyed today, especially holding the eagle, he is extremely quiet so didn’t say much at the time but is keen to work with birds of prey and does volunteer with a falconer. Hopefully we may visit again especially as my husband’s football team plays quite a few North London teams.
Thanks again, Frances and Callum Gomersall.

♥  Dear Charlotte, Thank you so much for the wonderful falconry experience we had on Sunday afternoon, and especially for the photo session afterwards which was brilliant. My family and I loved it, and we learned so much. I will be reporting to our photo club on the day and I am more or less certain that it will generate substantial interest, so I may be getting back to you about setting up a photo day. I’d be interested to know when the best time of year is for photographing them at their best (portrait and action). Thank you once again.
Kind Regards, Andrew Wakefield.

♥  Hi Tina, Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our flying experience yesterday with Charlotte. She did a fantastic job making it very interesting & enjoyable with her excellent knowledge of the birds. You can tell how much she loves her job and of course the birds themselves were a delight to meet. I got some great photos as well! So if you could pass on our thanks to Charlotte please tell her she was fab and so were her birds! So many thanks again.
Kind regards Tania & Jane.

♥  I feel compelled to let you know how much my Wife and I got from your 3 hour experience at Ware yesterday. When my wife originally mentioned it, I thought, being pretty negative and hardnosed. What…naaaa?? Well, I can honestly say it is one of the best afternoons we have spent together for many, many years. Exceptional in every way, the birds were obviously fantastic and fascinating, but Charlotte was on another level, informative, passionate, never ever dull, witty and very patient. 10 out of 10 in every way. We loved your passion and care and will be back for more and will utilise the great offer you emailed this morning. Fantastic!!! I have been telling everyone in ear shot about it.
Kind Regards, Adam Rowan

♥  Hi, just wanted to say how well my mum and I thought the Bird experience went yesterday. Despite the rain and cold our guide did not scrimp on the information and we all got to hold at least three birds. We were lucky enough to see five birds in total and I am especially grateful that I was allowed to see the beautiful eagle owl which is my favourite bird. I would like to say a big Thank You from myself and my Mum and well done. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends.
Kind Regards, Terri Smith.