Dramatic displays from majestic Birds of Prey

The unique Daughter and Father combination that spearheads “CJ’s Birds of Prey” has proved to be a winning formula that has developed over many years to become one of the most popular Birds of Prey display teams in the UK.

The lead is taken by Charlotte Hill who, with her bubbling enthusiasm and vivacious personality, is the driving force behind this team.

CJ’s Birds of Prey can add excitement to any event. Our birds are a huge attraction at Country Shows, Game Fairs, School Visits, Village Fetes and Carnivals.

By bringing along our birds, we can add a fascinating feature to Evening Club and Society talks. They also offer dependable displays for Film and Television Productions and give an added edge to Advertising Promotions or Corporate Events.

Whether you are seeking entertainment for your audience, education for your school or inspiration for your sales force, CJ’s Birds of Prey can create a display to suit your exact requirements.




CJ’s Birds of Prey spectacular and informative flying displays make an impressive addition to your event. From Country Fetes to Major Shows we offer audiences an interactive and entertaining falconry experience. Our static display with a variety of our birds is also on-hand for visitors’ questions and photos.


For those taking up falconry or wanting to learn more about the husbandry and day to day welfare of birds of prey. With no more than two per course there’s time to cover a wide range of subjects including Husbandry, Equipment, Housing, Nutrition, Basic training, The Law, Field Craft and Quarry


The CJ’s Birds of Prey team now offer a whole host of experience days, allowing you to get closer to your favourite birds in our display team. Experience the excitement of getting up close and flying hawks and owls and the thrill of handling owls, hawks and falcons.


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