Dramatic displays from majestic Birds of Prey

Postponement of our Experience Days and Shows due to the Corona-virus.

Updated Wednesday, 24th June, 2020

Following current government guide lines unfortunately we are still unable to announce when we shall be able to resume our Birds of Prey Experiences and at present we are unable to state when we shall next be appearing at any of the shows for which we were originally booked.

As a family business we rely a lot on our experience days as well as the displays that we give throughout the year. Many Country Shows are obviously postponing and our concern is not to leave our birds vulnerable.

As a ‘Special Offer’ for only £15.00pp we are offering voucher(s) for one of our 2 Hour Birds of Prey or Owl Encounter Experiences at either Westmill Farm, Hertfordshire or Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough and you will be also able to bring along spectators for just £10.00 each (payable on the day).  Vouchers will be valid for 18 months.  We shall issue new availability dates as soon as the situation permits. 

If you are in a position to take advantage of this offer, £15.00 will help us to feed our birds and continue with the breeding programme as well as ensuring the survival of our birds at CJ’s Birds of Prey.

Have a look at the "Experience Days" page for further details.

"Stay Safe"

Best wishes from Charlotte and the family.



CJ’s Birds of Prey spectacular and informative flying displays make an impressive addition to your event. From Country Fetes to Major Shows we offer audiences an interactive and entertaining falconry experience. Our static display with a variety of our birds is also on-hand for visitors’ questions and photos.

For those taking up falconry or wanting to learn more about the husbandry and day to day welfare of birds of prey. With no more than two per course there's time to cover a wide range of subjects including Husbandry, Equipment, Housing, Nutrition, Basic training, The Law, Field Craft and Quarry

The CJ's Birds of Prey team now offer a whole host of experience days, allowing you to get closer to your favourite birds in our display team. Experience the excitement of getting up close and flying hawks and owls and the thrill of handling owls, hawks and falcons.


Where you can see us in the forthcomong year